Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mission and Vision Statements

These are what I believe should be the definitions for Mission and Vision statements.

A mission statement is an enduring goal for an organisation or work group, which can be used as a tool for strategic alignment at the highest level. All work should be done in pursuit of that enduring goal.

A vision statement is a presentation of a possible future, an achievable outcome which the CEO or organisational leader believes can and should be achieved. One job of leaders is to look further ahead than others, and set the direction for a group of people towards a goal which they cannot otherwise see being achieved.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wine recommendation: Nova Vita Sauvignon Blanc, 5 stars

Best I've had in ages.

Winery: Nova Vita
Region: Adelaide Hills
Year: 2009
Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Codename: "Mad Russian"
Rating: 5 stars

This is what I believe good management is

The best thing is to hire good people, then support them to do their job well. The primary form of support required is to provide them with a well-defined context in which to work, which suits their capabilities. Then, it's up to you to fit their tasks into the wider context. This is the basic 'work' of management.

First Post / Exec Summary

This blog exists to capture positive statements about what works for me, how to do stuff, things which should get done and suchlike. It's a place for me to put ideas, and also have conversations about stuff that's going on in my life. It's not an authorative source of facts, a researched perspectivist account of current events or anything which you should approach uncritically.

It delivers value to me, by creating a space for those ideas which doesn't pollute my social graph beyond those who might be interested. It may deliver value to readers who share my values, my ideas or which to pose counterarguments and counterpoints.

Topics covered will include:
  -- How people should treat eachother
  -- How you (well, I) should feel about your (well, my) shortcomings
  -- What it means to fall short of ones own ideals
  -- How to manage people, groups and relationships
  -- Things which should get built but aren't

I will appreciate the following from readers:
  -- A critical analysis of what I say
  -- The contribution of alternative perspectives
  -- Respect for my viewpoint, but above all respect for the comments of others
  -- Re-sharing of ideas which have value
  -- A 'right of response' to any criticism before you go and blog about how terrible something I've said is

My contract with my readers is:
  -- I will respect all people; but I don't feel the need to avoid discussing and debating ideas if done in neutral terms
  -- I make no promises about how often I will post, but I will aim for quality.
  -- It's my blog and this could all change tomorrow